Pawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers

On 1 December 2020, new laws will come into force that require the licensing of any person who is involved in transactions of copper and copper alloy (including brass and bronze).

Application for Pawnbroker or Second-hand Dealer LSP001

Application form for a new Pawnbroker and/or Second-hand Dealer licence.

Application form

General Licensing Information

Notice of Intention (Template)

Application to Renew a Licence LSP002

Application form to renew a Pawnbroker and/or Second-hand Dealer licence.

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Change of Details Form LSP003

Form to complete for any change of personal details of the licence holder or for a change to the storage address associated to the licence. 

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Employees Details Form LSP004

This form is to be completed for any person who is, or proposed to be, employed at the business premises and will be entering into contracts at the premises on behalf of the licence holder.

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