NPC Proof of identity

Applicants must provide suitable proof of identity, this is based on a 100-point identity check. You must provide original proof of identity, copies will not be accepted. The table below provides a guide.

* Indicates ID documents that are acceptable via online applications. If you are unable to meet the identity requirements, you can contact us and depending on your circumstances the WA Police may be able to make an alternate arrangement.

Primary documents

ID document Points
1 Full Australian Birth Certificate* 70
2 Australian Citizenship Certificate* 70
3 Australian Passport (current or expired within last 2 years)* 70
4 International Passport 70

Secondary documents

Only 1 secondary ID document will attract 40 points, subsequent secondary ID will attract 25 points per item.

Secondary ID with a photo will be accepted as primary ID but only attract the points listed in this table.

ID document Points
5 Australian Photo Drivers Licence* 40 or 25
6 Australian Photo Firearms Licence 40 or 25
7 State or Federal Government Employee Photo Id 40 or 25
8 Centrelink or Social Security Card 40 or 25
9 Dept. of Veteran's Affairs Card 40 or 25
10 Tertiary Education Institution Photo Id 40 or 25
11 Australian Learner's Permit 40 or 25
12 Medicare Card 25
13 Property Lease or Rental Agreement 25
14 Council or Shire rates notice 25
15 Property insurance papers 25
16 Utilities bill (power / phone / mobile / water / gas) 25
17 Motor vehicle Registration or Insurance 25
18 Professional or Trade association Card 25
19 Debit or Credit card's (bankcard, ATM card, visa card, mastercard, etc) 25
20 Passbook or Statement from Financial Institution 25

Change of Name (is required if ID is in a different named, however does not contribute to points score). Accepted are: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Papers, Change of Name Certificate from Registrar General.

Total points score must equal