Volunteer National Police Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

National Police Certificates

Q: Who can apply for a VNPC?

Applications for a VNPC can only be made by eligible volunteers through a registered volunteer organisation.

Eligible volunteers:

  • Receive no payment for work (except out of pocket expenses); and
  • Perform volunteer work which provides a community service and not as part of obligated work placement (e.g. student placement, work experience, “Work for the Dole”)

Q: My volunteer organisation is not registered, can I submit a check on my own?

No. A volunteer check can only be submitted through a registered volunteer organisation.

To register for the program, Volunteer Organisations must:

  • be incorporated, or have relevant legal status if a non-government group;
  • provide a community service;
  • be a parent body, not a sub-branch with volunteers working within Western Australia*; and
  • utilise eligible volunteers as described above.

*If a volunteer group is part of an organisation with a number of branches throughout WA (churches, service organisations, sporting clubs, etc.) then only the central office should register.

If a national organisation has volunteers working within Western Australia, it may register for the program to undertake checks for those Western Australian volunteers.

If you believe your organisation meets the above eligibility criteria above, please visit the Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC) to complete the registration form.

Once registered, the DLGC will provide you with a registration code and consent forms. They will then advise WA Police to contact your agency to provide detailed instructions on how to utilise the online checking portal.

Q: My agency is registered but I’m having trouble logging in.

Please contact us by email and we will provide assistance.

Q: How much will the VNPC cost?

Current fees can be viewed here.

Volunteer Agencies will be billed monthly by WA Police.

Q: What ID is required to apply?

Applicants must provide proof of identity to the volunteer organisation. At a minimum, the ID check requires one primary document and one secondary document, either of which contains a photograph.

Alternatively, three secondary documents can be accepted providing at least one document contains a photograph.

Applicants must provide original documents and these should be copied and stored with the consent form by the volunteer organisation. The table below provides a guide to acceptable documents.

Primary ID documents
Full Australian Birth Certificate
Australian Citizenship Certificate
Australian Passport (current or expired within last 2 years)
International Passport
Secondary ID documents
Australian Photo Drivers Licence
Australian Photo Firearms Licence
State or Federal Government Employee Photo ID
Centrelink or Social Security Card
Dept. of Veteran's Affairs Card
Tertiary Education Institution Photo ID
Australian Learner's Permit
Medicare Card
Property Lease or Rental Agreement
Council or Shire rates notice
Property insurance papers
Utilities bill (power / phone / mobile / water / gas)
Motor vehicle Registration or Insurance
Professional or Trade association Card
Debit or Credit card's (bankcard, ATM card, visa card, mastercard, etc)
Passbook or Statement from Financial Institution

A change of name document, such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Papers, Change of Name Certificate, is required if your ID is in multiple names.

Q: How long will it take for my VNPC to be processed?

For applications that require no further investigation, a VNPC should be received by the volunteer agency within 3 – 5 working days, depending on postage times.

Applications requiring further investigation may take up to 15 working days depending on postage. Reasons for this may include confirmation of identity (e.g. a common surname) licences or permits and other information about contact with the police.

The volunteer organisation that submitted the check can enquire about its progress via email at volunteer.check@police.wa.gov.au.

Q: What is included on a VNPC?

A VNPC documents an individual’s discloseable court outcomes and pending charges from all Australian police jurisdictions. This includes traffic convictions from Western Australia. The certificate will not include any restricted court outcomes, such as spent certain juvenile convictions.

The information on the certificate is generally limited to prosecutions initiated by police. Some offences which are prosecuted by non-police organisations may not be included.

Q: Will any eligible convictions be spent prior to the VNPC being issued?

No. The VNPC does not include an applications to spend convictions.

Individuals should apply to spend eligible convictions prior to submitting a VNPC application.

For more information please visit the Spending a Conviction page.

Q: Who gets to keep the VNPC?

Although the check is conducted by a volunteer organisation, the certificate is the property of the volunteer.

Q: Can a VNPC be used for paid work or other volunteer positions?

The VNPC is issued for volunteering purposes only and should not be used for paid employment.

If applying to volunteer with another volunteer organisation, the organisation can decide whether to accept the VNPC or request a new application.

Q: The content of the VNPC is incorrect. What can I do?

Disputes about content can only be raised by the volunteer organisation that submitted the check and can be done so by emailing volunteer.check@police.wa.gov.au.