Report Stolen or Damaged Property

This form can only be used to report property that has been stolen or criminally damaged, within Western Australia, up to the value of $10,000.

If the offence has just occurred or the suspect is still in the area, please call 131 444.

NOTE: This form is to be used for the following:

  • Stealing of property including thefts from motor vehicles up to $10,000.
  • Damage to property including damage of graffiti to motor vehicles up to the value $10,000.

If the suspect has left anything behind in the vehicle, such as fingerprints or blood, please call police on 131 444, we want to speak to you about the value of forensic examination.

NOTE: This form is not to be used for the following:

  • Stealing of motor vehicles or registration plates, including trailers or caravans - please call police on 131 444.
  • If a person has unlawfully entered, or tried to enter, your home or business (Burglary) - phone police on 131 444.
  • Fraud Offences including fraudulent use of a credit card – phone police on 131 444.
  • Cybercrime including cyber abuse, online image abuse, online shopping fraud, romance fraud, identity theft, email compromise, internet fraud, ransomware or malware report to the ReportCyber website.
  • Lost Property - report via Online Services Report my Lost Property.

Things to remember when completing your form: 

  • Ensure you include
    • a detailed description of the circumstances surrounding the theft of and/or criminal damage to your property.
    • contact details including telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Your report will be invalid if it relates to Lost, Stolen or criminally Damaged property which occurred outside Western Australia; report these incidents to Police in the jurisdiction where  the loss or offence happened.
  • Initially add only one piece of stolen / or damaged property to your report, You will be emailed further instructions / advice on how to add additional property items to your report via Check my Crime.

NOTE: Once your form is submitted, you will receive a submission number beginning with “SDP”. This is not an incident report number, but advice that your report has been successfully submitted. Your report will be loaded within 7 business days and you will receive an incident report number and link to Check my Crime via a separate email.


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