Eligibility Questionnaire

Was your property stolen or criminally damaged in Western Australia?
Please report the incident in the jurisdiction where the offence took place. A Western Australia Police Force report can only be created if the incident occurred within Western Australia
Has someone unlawfully entered or tried to enter your home / business / shed / garage or a house under construction that is at lockup stage?
Your report may relate to a burglary offence. Please ring the Police Assistance Centre on 131444 so that we can take your full report.
Has someone stolen your debit or credit card and used it?

Your report appears to relate to fraud. Please phone 131 444; so we can clarify the circumstances and provide you with an appropriate policing response.

Please ensure you have the following information ready, when you call:
• Name of Bank / Financial Institution
• Date and time of each fraudulent transaction
• Location / store where your card was fraudulently used
• Amount debited for each transaction

Is the total value of this report more than $10,000 AUD?
The dollar value limit in the Online Stolen / Damaged Property report form, in the first instance is $10,000AUD. Please phone 131444 to make a full report.
Have you already reported a crime and want to add more property items to your report?

If you have already reported a crime and have your Incident Report number then you can add more items by visiting CheckMyCrime

For an Individual to access the site you will need;
• Your Incident Report Number
• Surname
• Date of Birth.

For a Business/Entity to access the site they will need:
• Incident Report number
• Business / Entity name as it appears on the Incident Report