Report a Hoon Form

Traffic complaint and hoon reporting form.

Eligibility Questionnaire

Are you reporting a Traffic Crash?
To report a Traffic Crash go to
Have you received an Infringement Notice that you want to dispute?
If you have received an Infringement that you do not agree with, there are options on the rear of the infringement notice, regarding lodging a dispute.
Were you involved in a hoon / road rage type incident where you were assaulted?
Please attend your local police station to make a full report, as this sort of report needs to be taken in person.
Does your report relate to a person who may be unfit to drive? (as opposed to a hoon / unlawful road user behaviour)

If the driver appears to be suffering a condition likely to impair their ability to control a motor vehicle, there are two reporting options:
Post: Department of transport
GPO Box R1290,
Perth, 6844

Does your report relate to Hoon / unlawful road user behaviour?

The form is for Hoon / Unlawful road user behaviour only.

Please go to the WA Police Force Website Online Forms Homepage to determine if your matter can be report online.