The WA Government and the WA Police Force are committed to improving road safety. The use of speed and red-light cameras is a part of the WA Police Force contribution to the WA Governments 'Driving Change' road safety strategy.

It has been established that cameras influence road user behaviour and reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes caused by speeding. WA Police uses a number of different cameras throughout the state to support the State Government's effort to improve Road Safety.

Camera fines and speed limits

The Road Safety Commission is responsible for research and policy which develops and recommends changes to road safety strategies and speed limits. The Road Safety Commission receives funding from the Road Trauma Trust Fund which receives all of the speed and red-light camera fines to deliver road safety programs.

Speeding is the number one cause of road trauma, serious injuries and death. The WA Police Force do not want to fine you. The message instead is to simply 'Slow Down' and help reduce the devastation caused to families and loved ones of those killed or injured in speed related crashes.

Selecting camera locations

The WA Police Force use mobile and fixed speed cameras and fixed red-light/speed cameras at many different locations throughout the state.

Mobile cameras can be operated from the roadside on a tripod, mounted in a vehicle or located in a fixed security cabinet. The criteria for the selection of all mobile speed camera locations is:

  • speed related fatal or serious crashes
  • 'speed related complaints’ derived from the Hoon Hotline
  • school zones
  • locations where more than 15% of road users exceed the posted speed limit.

Red-light/speed cameras are installed at selected locations based on an analysis of the number of 'right angle' and 'right turn through' crashes at a traffic control light intersections as well as crash severity and traffic volumes. Not every intersection is suitable for a red-light/speed camera.

Fixed site cameras are installed at selected locations based on analysis of the number and location of speed related crashes with a focus on crashes that resulted in death or serious injury.

Crash data is provided and analysed by Main Roads WA and following technical analysis and other considerations (e.g. future road upgrades) the selection of red light speed and fixed site speed locations is endorsed by a joint interagency Steering Committee including representatives from Police, Road Safety Commission, Main Roads WA and Dept of Transport.

A full list of red-light/speed and fixed site cameras is listed on the Camera Locations page.