Police enforcement

Speed and red-light cameras are an integral part of the West Australian Government's commitment to road safety. However, there are other speed enforcement methods that are helping to reduce the road toll too. In addition to speed and red-light cameras, regular Christmas and Easter road safety campaigns by the WA Police Force specialist traffic and local District Traffic Offices play an important role in road safety in Western Australia.

The WA Police Force provide a high level of direct traffic enforcement, detecting traffic offences in areas not covered by speed and red-light cameras. While all police can, and do, enforce road rules, most traffic enforcement is undertaken by specialist traffic police attached to your local District Traffic Office or from units within State Traffic Operations, such as the Traffic Enforcement Group (TEG). These police are on the front line of road safety and are highly trained in dealing with all traffic safety issues.

The Road Safety Commission is responsible for research and policy which helps develop road safety strategies and speed limits. The commission also manages road safety education campaigns, partnership programs and community consultation.