Unlicensed drivers

From 1 July 2009, if you're caught driving after you've lost your licence, the WA Police Force will impound the car on the spot for a period of 28 days, no matter who it belongs to. This means if you lend your car to an unlicensed driver, it's your car that will be impounded. This new law takes effect in addition to existing penalties.

The law will apply to drivers who drive:

  • When the Director General has suspended or refused to renew the person's driver licence, in any circumstance;
  • When the person has had their licence cancelled;
  • When the Director General has refused to issue the person with a driver licence, in any circumstance;
  • When a court has imposed a disqualification upon the person;
  • When the person is subject to a disqualification because of the accumulation of an excessive number of demerit points; or
  • When the person has an extraordinary licence and is driving contrary to a condition relating to the time, purpose or location.

The law will not apply to drivers who:

  • Fail to carry a driver's licence where that person holds a valid driver's licence; and
  • Have let their licence expire.

Vehicle impoundments

The cost of impoundment will typically be around $900 for the full 28 day period. Vehicles will not be released until the costs are paid in full.

Further penalties, including permanent vehicle confiscation, will apply for repeat offenders.

For further information about your licence status go to Department of Transport or phone the demerit point hotline on 1300 720 111.