Sexual Assault

What is a sexual assault?

Sexual Assault is a term used to describe a range of crimes committed against a person in a sexual manner. These crimes include sexual intercourse without consent and touching intimate areas of a person’s body without their consent.

Sexual Assaults can be crimes of violence that are a frightening experience and may result in long term effects. Although women are primarily the victims of sexual assault, other genders, including men, can also be victims.

Resource: Telling your story and getting help

This booklet has been prepared for the information of anybody who has been sexually assaulted who is over the age of 16. It outlines what they may expect when reporting a sexual assault to police in Western Australia.

Download the support resource

How to report a sexual assault


The WA Police Safe2Say platform enables you to anonymously report sexual crimes, including child abuse matters. The unique nature of Safe2Say is that it provides you with a confidential Report ID and PIN Code which allows specialist detectives to send messages to you through the platform and allows you to ask questions of them with complete anonymity.

Report online through Safe2Say

When reporting:

  • You will be listened to.
  • You will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • You will be kept informed of the progress of your investigation and
  • You will be provided with assistance to access support services if you require them.

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