Drug strategies

WA Illicit Amphetamine Summit

The summit was held in July 2007 to identify and develop strategies to address illicit amphetamine use in Western Australia.

The summit was sponsored and co-chaired by the Commissioner for Police, Dr Karl O'Callaghan, and the (then) Director General of Health, Dr Neale Fong.

Summit presentations
Presentations about Law Enforcement Strategies for Amphetamines included:

  • The International Developments and Implications for Australia Deputy Commissioner Jack Johnston, Tasmania Police
  • ATS – the Western Australia Police Force Perspective Assistant Commissioner Wayne Gregson, WA Police Force

More presentations, information and the Government Action Plan from the Methamphetamine Summit are on the Drug and Alcohol Office's Summit website.

The Western Australian Police Drug and Alcohol Action Plan 2005-2009 ( 96kb) outlines the contributions and directions of the WA Police Force in the following key strategic areas:

Law, Justice and Enforcement

  • Disrupt and reduce the supply of illicit drugs (to optimise the success of demand and harm reduction initiatives)
  • Reduce the illegal supply of alcohol and reduce alcohol-related crime

Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Link to prevention and early intervention initiatives

Treatment and Support

  • Link to treatment (through All Drug Diversion, JJTs and informal referral)

National Drug Strategy 2010-2015

The National Drug Strategy 2010–2015 is a cooperative venture between the Australian, state and territory governments and the non-government sector to improve the health, social and economic outcomes for Australians, by preventing the uptake of harmful drug use and reducing the harmful effects of licit and illicit drugs in our society.

Western Australian Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2005-2009 ( 594 kb)