Reporting hoon behaviour (traffic complaints)

How to report hoon behaviour

Use a Report a Hoon Form (Traffic Complaint Form) form to record the details of the incident. Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence.

Remember the only way a hoon may be convicted, if police don't witness the incident, is for you to attend Court. If you are not willing to attend Court in some cases your information may help to establish a pattern of behaviour that could lead to later apprehension, and conviction, so your information is still appreciated.

NOTE: If immediate police attendance is required call 131 444 to report the incident.

What to report:

  • Description of behaviour, e.g. speeding, drag racing, burnouts, etc.
  • Description of driver
  • Day and time of behaviour
  • Location of behaviour
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle make, model
  • Vehicle colour

Vehicle registration

If you hear a car being driven in a reckless manner and are able to see the incident it is helpful if you can obtain the registration number of that vehicle. Time, date and place must be noted (approximate time will suffice).

Vehicle description

To further confirm the actual vehicle a brief description of the colour, make and model if you can recognise it or similar types. Any noticeable accessories, damage or paint patches may also assist.

Driver description

A description of the driver and or any passengers may help establish who was driving at the time, this may be limited to colour and length of hair, skin colour and facial features. Further description of any head-wear, jacket or shirt is useful.

Description of driving behaviour

It is important to describe the manner of driving especially any repeated or continuous spinning of wheels. Note if smoke and noise is emitted as a result of the wheels spinning, any new tyre marks left on the road surface by that action, and any attempt to repeat the action at the same place or nearby.

Current local conditions

To assist police determine the appropriate charge/s it is also advantageous to give a full description of the traffic (including pedestrian numbers) and weather conditions at the time.

Photographic evidence

Photographic or video evidence can be of great assistance to confirm many of the details listed above but you must be able to give testament to when and where it was shot. Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence.

Write notes

It is not unusual to have a number of drivers behaving in a similar manner at the same location so it would give your evidence extra credence if you are able to write notes about the incident/s as soon as possible after you have witnessed the hoon behaviour. This can assist against later confusing one driver/vehicle with another.

Report a hoon (Traffic Complaint Form)