Internet child safety

Police from Child Exploitation Operations investigate instances of child sexual abuse involving electronic communication and offences relating to child exploitation material.

The Internet is popular with today's youth, providing an important research, information and communication tool. The Internet offers children the opportunity to meet and chat with people from all over the world. Unfortunately however, many of the risks that children face in the real world also exist in the online environment, particularly in chat rooms and other virtual meeting places.

Child sex offenders regularly use the Internet, particularly chat sites and sites of interest to young people, to gain access to children. The Internet gives them the opportunity to befriend children and gain their confidence without having to physically confront them. For this reason, police officers pose as children and enter online environments to identify people who use the Internet to sexually abuse and exploit children.

How to report suspicious online behaviour

Report suspicious online behaviour that you think involves the sexual grooming, abuse or exploitation of children, by calling

Police on 131 444

Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000


Report online (anonymously if you wish) through the Safe2Say portal:

Report online through Safe2Say

Tips for parents

Police encourage people to protect themselves and their children online. It is extremely important that you, as a parent, know what your child is doing online and who they are communicating with, just as you would in the real world.

Be aware of online stranger danger, set and monitor house rules about which sites your children can visit and what information they can give out.

Please take the time to teach your child these cyber safety tips.

Constable Care

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation, through its theatre in education programs, teaches primary and secondary school children about internet safety behaviours.