WA Police Force emergency responsibilities

The Western Australia Police Force, as one of the State’s key emergency response agencies, takes seriously its responsibility to be well-prepared to deal with any emergency that might occur.

It is a key participant in State-level emergency management arrangements and a member of the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) framework. The WA Police Force is also a member of the Australian and New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC).

The WA Police Force has primary responsibility for responding to any terrorism incident that might occur in Western Australia, but it would of course do so in close cooperation with national, state and local authorities.

Police officers regularly review plans and procedures, undertake exercises about emergencies and practice skills. All of these things help ensure the agency as a whole is prepared to respond to, or assist with, any emergency that arises. With respect to terrorism, it assists the owners of critical infrastructure with their security planning and also liaises with a wide range of industry, government and non-government stakeholders on a regular basis….sometimes daily.

A very important part of the WA Police Force work is maintaining strong relationships with community groups in its endeavours to help reduce the risk of terrorism. Australian society is generally diverse and tolerant – qualities that contribute strongly to a community’s general resilience. When required, police rely upon the general public and business community to provide information that can assist with any investigation.

National Security Hotline call 1800 1234 000
National Security Hotline call 1800 1234 000 - Trained operators
take every call seriously. You can remain anonymous.

On an ongoing basis, the WA Police Force assess a range of information it receives, then makes appropriate assessments about any threat to Western Australia. Informing the public, if required, is always a consideration the police make, in cooperation with the WA and Australian Governments.

As a community, our best tools against terrorism are vigilance and being prepared; the same tools all the community should use. Remember, the WA Police Force is committed to providing you, your family and your community with a safe environment and a secure WA.