Crowded Places

Places where large numbers of people gather are at risk of a terrorist attack. This includes:

  • entertainment venues
  • hotels and convention centres
  • major events
  • public transport hubs
  • sporting venues
  • shopping and business precincts
  • tourist attractions
  • significant one-off events.
Places most at risk are those where:
  • attendance of large numbers is predictable
  • security controls are minimal.

Risk assessment and advice

The national terrorism threat level for Australia is PROBABLE. Credible intelligence, assessed by our security agencies indicates that individuals or groups have developed both the intent and capability to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia.

A number of global factors and events have come together to indicate a terrorist attack in Australia is now more likely. This multifaceted threat was the reason the Commonwealth Government developed Australia's Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism in August 2017.

We must maintain vigilance in the face of an escalating global terrorist threat that continues to affect Australia. It is timely to review your security, emergency and business continuity plans.

Identifying potential targets for terrorist attack is not precise but there are things that you can do to minimise the risk.

On this page you will find some useful documents, links, a guided self-assessment tool and an audit to help you assess the threat of terrorism at your location.

Information about the National Terrorism Threat Advisory System and the current level can be found at

In the event of an attack, what you do matters

Although we live in a safe country, we are still at risk from attacks in crowded places. In the unlikely event you are facing an armed attacker, you need to act quickly and remember 3 words: ESCAPE. HIDE. TELL. Learn more.

For Western Australian Users Only

Crowded places self-assessment tool

If you are the owner or operator of a place in Western Australia where large groups of people gather use the safety assessment for crowded places to:

  • assess the likelihood of a terrorist attack
  • get advice on where to go for risk management guidance.

WA Police Force encourages you to take the time to complete the questionnaire.

Complete the Crowded places self-assessment.

Once you have completed the self-assessment tool, it is advisable for you to undertake the complementary Crowded Places Security Audit. This primarily aims to:

  • present a menu of security issues, some of which may be relevant to the type, size and risk profile of your crowded place; and
  • provide an impetus for you to address any security gaps in a proportionate manner.

Complete the Crowded Places Security Audit

Contact the Protective Security Unit for information and advice about crowded places or the self-assessment tool. Phone 9222 1855 or email

Event planning advice

If you are planning a community event, contact your local police station for advice.

If you are planning a large-scale major event, contact the Major Event Coordination Unit on 9370 7398 for advice.


Protective Security Unit
Phone: 9222 1855