Home Security Checklist

Use the following guide to conduct your own Home Security Checklist. The more ‘yes’ boxes you can tick, the harder you make it for burglars:

  • Are your trees and shrubs trimmed so it’s hard for burglars to hide behind?
  • Do you have solid core doors?
  • Do you have locks and deadbolts or deadlocks fitted?
  • Do you have security screens on doors and windows?
  • Does your door have a peephole?
  • Do your windows have key-locks or security devices?
  • Does your house have an automatic light timer or sensor lights?
  • Are the entrances to your home well lit?
  • Is your home fitted with an alarm?
  • Are there fences and gates on your property to restrict access?
  • Is the garage or shed kept locked?
  • Are your tools and ladders stored away?
  • Is the meter box locked?
  • Are your contents and valuables engraved or marked for easy identification?
  • Have you recorded the serial numbers?
  • Do you have window stickers letting burglars know you have an alarm and your property is marked?
  • Is there a phone or mobile in the bedroom with emergency numbers handy?
  • Do you have a dog?
  • Is your house number clearly visible from the street?
  • Have you joined Neighbourhood Watch?

Going on holidays?

  • Have you let your neighbours know? Provide them with dates and emergency contact details.
  • Do your doors and windows lock securely?
  • Have you arranged for mail to be held, redirected by your post office, or asked a neighbour to collect your mail for you?
  • Are your deliveries such as newspapers cancelled?
  • Have you asked a neighbour to bring your rubbish and recycling out on your regular bin night?
  • Are your house keys left with a trusted friend or neighbour instead of concealed inside or outside the house?
  • Do you have someone organised to cut your lawn and water your garden?
  • Are your garden tools and ladders locked away?
  • Have you turned down the ringing volume on your telephone?
  • Consider asking your neighbours to park a second car in your driveway.
Home Safety checklist
Checklist 176kb