National Police Certificates

A National Police Certificate, (NPC) lists an individual’s criminal and WA traffic court outcomes and pending charges that are deemed disclosable at the time of application.

The National Police Certificate application form will open on the Australia Post Smateforms web service.
National Police Certificate online form.

Applications for a WA Police NPC also include a request to spend any eligible WA convictions. For more information on spent convictions, please visit Spending a Conviction.

Applications can be made online or in person at participating Australia Post outlets.

Online applications now include online payment, id verification and delivery. Applications that do not require any further investigation can be completed within an hour. To apply online, click the button below.

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The National Police Certificate application form will open on an external website, as pictured.

Alternatively, in person applications can be made at a participating Australia Post Outlet which require a 100 point ID verification.

In person applications and those which require further investigation from the online portal will be issued a physical NPC. Please allow the following time frame to pass before contacting us.

Any applications which require further investigation can take up to 15 working days. If your application was made more than 15 working days ago, if you are experiencing problems submitting an application or if you have received your certificate and wish to report an error, please contact us.

Postal Delivery Time
Metro Regional
3 – 5 Business Days 4 – 6 Business days

For more information, please see the NPC FAQ's or Guidelines.

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